Here are the variety of career consulting topics we will cover.

See packages listed below to find the one that is right for you

Individual Packages- Capital is also able to customize a package to fit your needs.  After the free consultation meeting, we can identify what may be the best fit for you and your family and will create a package to meet your needs.

The Complete Pathway- Capital will assist you through the entire process, from the consultation through the transition meeting.   This will consist of up to 8 meetings throughout the process as well as unlimited email communication.

The Briefcase Pathway- Capital will assist you as you network and prepare for a job (steps 7-10).  This will consist of up to 5 meetings as well as unlimited email communication. 

Consulting Packages

10. Transition - Assist in preparing for and deciding on the next step.  This would include evaluating and comparing job offers.

1. Consultation - Free consultation session meeting to overview the process, answer questions and recommend a package that fits with your needs.

5. Connect- Coach and assist you as you connect with individuals in your area of interest. And, develop a networking brief as you reach out and connect with others.

7. Job Search Tools- Work with you to create the "tools" necessary for a job search, such as a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile

Career Consulting

6. Decide- Explore and decide on a college major (if applicable) as well as career areas of interest.

4. Research- Research and educate students on how to learn about career fields of interest

2. Assess - Understand your interests, values, goals and strengths as it relates to college majors and/or careers.

"THANK YOU for connecting me with my first job. Throughout my job search I continually went back to the skills I learned in from you."
- Former UW-Madison football student-athlete

9. Interviews- Assist in preparing and practicing for interviews.

 3. Define - Define characteristics and specific areas of interest that match your skills, interests and values.

8. Networking Skills- Teach and practice networking skills.  And, follow up as you connect and learn from other professionals

The Career Exploration Pathway- Capital will assist the individual from the consultation through choosing a career field or major of interest (steps 1-6).   This will consist of up to 5 meetings as well as unlimited email communication.