College & Career Counseling

Over 15 years experience guiding 800+ students through the major exploration and job search process and 50+ students through the college admissions process. Capital will provide an individualized approach to give you the tools and support so you can enjoy your college search and application and find a school that fits your needs, interests and budget. Capital also works with students and adults to identify career interests and find success in the job search process.



Colleges in the us

Finding a school that fits your needs can be a challenge. Capital can help build your college application list



Years to finish college

The average student takes over 5 years to graduate from college. Invest time in discovering your career passions and find a school and major that fits you



jobs before your are 40

With individuals switching jobs and careers so frequently, it is important to know and market your interests, skills and abilities.


Our Programs

Capital provides individualized college admissions counseling for high school students, college transfer students, and student-athletes. Capital also provides career counseling for students and adults of all ages.


College admissions counseling

Captial will work with the student and family to build a college resume, create a college list, plan visits, and work with the student as they complete the college essays and applications.

career counseling

Capital will help you understand your personality, skills, interests and values and use these to define a career that fits you. We will also work with you on job search tools and techniques, such as resumes, interview skills and networking.


Capital will help families through the recruiting and eligibility process as well as help the student through the college admissions process.

executive coaching

Capital can help you as you manage your career and learn how to manage the skill gap, learn how to lead and get to the next goal in your career path.


Kelli helped me tremendously throughout my experience as a student-athlete at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She was extremely personable, understanding, and trustworthy. She provided me with valuable guidance throughout my 4 years, and continues to make herself available years later. Kelli is a professional who supports her student's aspirations; and provides them with the resources needed to succeed in them.

Volleyball Student-Athlete at UW-Madison



Who we are

Kelli Richards is the founder and College and Career counselor. She has more than 15 years experience advising and counseling students to find the college, major or career that fits you.

Al is an executive career coach and he has over 30 years of experience managing and training individuals as they work towards their career goals.